While we at Augmentic have an arsenal of ready made tech to help, software off the shelf sometimes doesn't achieve all your business needs.  The team at Augmentic have expert knowledge of a wide variety of computer languages and hardware systems.  This experience allows us to develop your package to fit your needs exactly,  giving you the functionality  you require from your resource planning software.
We can deliver custom packages on most types of desktop,  mobile and wearable technology.

The software package that we will implement, is only as good as the people that are using it.  We ensure that your staff are fully up to speed with the technology we provide.

With our full training programme,  the workforce will be capable of using their package to highlight problems that are currently hidden with older system,  making your business more profitable from the offset.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
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Dynamics 365 Guides

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

Bespoke Microsoft development

Augmentic provides innovative software solutions for critical issues facing our clients. Our unique approach to understanding your problems is what differentiates us from competitors, and is the key to our success. We provide a broad range of services, from basic ERP implementation to the development of next-generation wearable technology. Our cutting-edge solutions enable organisations to facilitate change and realise their vision. With the help of Business Intelligence, we can optimise performance and productivity for a wide range of clients.

Odoo is an extensive gathering of business-related applications and modules like CRM, Sales administration, E-trade, Warehouse administration, Purchase administration, Accounting suit, Manufacturing administration, HRMS and so on.  It's a simple to use piece of software, that has an incredible amount of bang for its buck.
Aside from its fundamental core modules, it has in excess of 14,000  extra Apps/Plugins accessible in its application store. Every one of them is custom worked for various client needs. Today, Odoo is one of the most widely utilised open source ERP packages on the market. It really is as good as it sounds,  this system really does save you money.  Why take our word for it?  Book your free trial today!

Technology that works for your business.

Since 2013, Augmentic has been delivering cutting-edge software solutions across a wide variety of industries. Our use of next-gen wearable technology sets us apart from competitors. 

From implementation of new business software systems to the creation of ultra-efficient work processes, Augmentic is ready to tackle any challenge and help you on the path to success.

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