To provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions for critical client issues.  Augmentic is always exploring new avenues of development and innovation to this end. 

About Us

Why Augmentic?

Our goal is to save you money.  The team has a proven experience with the latest technologies - this enables a unique approach that sets us apart from competitors.


​Still handling fundamental processes through Excel spreadsheets or paper methods? We can help. ERP systems can alleviate stress, vastly reduce the risk of human error, and speed up the process. 

Our state-of-the-art ERP solutions will integrate with your existing business systems, thus negating the need for substantial upfront costs needed to upgrade old equipment. 


Augmentic was formed with the vision of applying next-generation computer games technology to solve complex business problems.  This unique approach adds a level of innovation that benefits organisations from a wide range of industries. The team has a strong technological and engineering background, and have expertise in working with the most cutting-edge technologies on the market.

Since 2013, Augmentic has been delivering bespoke innovation directly to customers. Initially focusing on Augmented, Virtual and wearable Mixed Reality (AR / VR / MR) applications, the company evolved and branched out to the implementation of ERP systems. The company's partnership with Odoo (a leading ERP brand), combined with the technical expertise of the Augmentic team, provides a solid basis for these developments.     

Our software provides a high level of mobility, as it is capable of deployment on any internet-capable computer, mobile and wearable device.

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