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Augmentic delivers cutting-edge software solutions across a wide variety of industries. Our specialist expertise with next-generation Mixed Reality technology sets us apart from competitors.

From implementation of efficient ERP software systems, to the development of streamlined work processes, Augmentic can find the right solution for your business.  


ERP / CRM solutions


Digitize and streamline your fundamental business processes with our integrated solutions. 

Solve critical issues, facilitate change and realize your vision. 




ERP / CRM Solutions

All-in-one, open-source integrated solution for the automation of business processes. These include:

CRM, eCommerce, Sales, purchasing, manufacturing & warehousing administration, Accounting suiteHRMS

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Odoo is one of the most popular ERP solutions on the market. Its extensible architecture enables the development of additional custom-fit Apps & Modules, 14,000 of which are accessible on the Odoo online store.


Microsoft Developers

As well as offering a world class CRM / ERP from an industry leader, we also offer the following tools for the future of your business.

DYNAMICS  365 : CRM, Remote Assist,  Layout, Guides,  Product Visualisation

Microsoft Dynamics provides leading CRM and ERP solutions for the acceleration of business growth. As Microsoft developers, we can facilitate your business growth through this leading brand.

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But Can It Do This?

While we at Augmentic have an arsenal of ready-made tech to help, software off the shelf sometimes doesn't achieve all your business needs.  The team at Augmentic have expert knowledge of a wide variety of innovative software and hardware systems. 


This experience allows us to develop your package to fit your needs exactly,  giving you the functionality  you require from your resource planning software.

Augmentic Visualisations

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